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The destination for expert eye examinations in Hokitika and surrounding areas

For complete optical services and quality eyewear
Our professional staff provide complete eye examinations in Hokitika. We offer comprehensive eye testing and optical care using the latest knowledge and technology including OCT scans of the retina. Steve is completing his Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics which will allow us to treat many common eye diseases. Our qualified optometrists are happy to discuss your concerns and problems. For reliable service at affordable rates in the Hokitika and South Westland community, please contact us today to arrange an appointment.

How can we help you?

An optometric examination at our Hokitika eye clinic provides:
  • Answers to your concerns about eyesight and vision changes
  • How to see as well as you can, whatever you do
  • Eye health care, including investigation of how your age, general health, or how medicines for general health problems may be affecting your eyes and vision
  • Treatment of common eye health disorders
  • Referral to specialist care when needed
  • Informed advice about all the options for your eyecare

Other services

We can also help you with
  • Children’s vision and behavioural optometry
  • Driver’s License Visual Examinations
  • Maritime NZ, Armed Services and Police recruiting Visual Examinations
  • Workplace vision and eye examinations
  • Investigation of headache
  • Dry Eye management
  • Low vision assessment and aids
  • Co-management with your doctor when you have eye disease such as glaucoma, or conditions like diabetes, or take certain medicines that may affect your eyesight

Regular examinations

Regular eye examinations – every two years - are recommended to safeguard your eye health and keep your eyesight at its best. Is it time you had a check-up? You can rely on Hokitika Optometrist for the best in care, quality and service. Phone 03 755 7378 for an appointment at our Hokitika clinic.
Woman receiving eye examinations at our South Westland clinic
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